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  The RCMS strategy for ILWS content creation will be to spread shots over different days and locations for different products. Each category of product (boats, paddleboards, kiteboards, etc.) you want to be highlighted will receive a short video (around 3 minutes) that will include shots of the product in action, surrounding lifestyle shots, and video or voiceover of talent selling the specific products. If the video/voiceover is not desired for the product text will be added in post-production. If there are specific products that you want a video to sell they will be highlighted in a shorter video for your product page at additional editing cost. 

  A longer homepage video (approx 5-7 minutes) for ILWS will be delivered when all shooting is complete, and be comprised of all previous shoots. 

  At least 30 smaller (5-15 second) videos will be provided for use on social media and formatted specifically for the platforms of IWLS's choosing (Instagram, Facebook, twitter, etc.). Images for social media purposes will be available on request. 

Short Term Goals

  A strategy meeting to discuss the desired amount of services and begin scheduling details of shoot days will be held as soon as possible along with an initial contract delivery. The contract will be reviewed by ILWS and signed before work begins. 

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