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 Rock City Media Solutions (RCMS) Is a locally based business with a concentration on producing the best quality video and image content the island has to offer. Experienced in action and cinematic video RCMS can provide a marketing bundle that will be perfectly tailored to Island Life Watersports (ILWS). 

First, we ask that you watch a short film that RCMS created to show the potential of the relationship. All footage was captured and edited by RCMS except for marked storyboards of pulled footage to give ideas for the ILWS media. Enjoy "The Vision."

Why Rock City?

  • RCMS is new on the island scene, and eager to produce quality content that will be beneficial to both parties. RCMS will go the extra mile for you. 

  • RCMS has state of the art equipment to capture your business by air, by land, and by sea. We have the capability to shoot 4K video above ground and below the waterline. We also have a 5.7K 360 video camera to take your image capture to the next level. 

  • Great video and audio don't necessarily mean great storytelling. RCMS is committed to creating content specifically designed not only to highlight your products but capture your brand identity and tell your story. 

  • RCMS only uses FAA part 107 commercially licensed drone pilots, so your investment will be protected from FAA fines and cease and desist.

  • We are local to the Virgin Islands and will utilize platforms to connect with local customers and businesses on their terms.

What we will show you in the rest of the presentation. 

Navigating through the rest of this presentation will outline our plan of action and our contract terms to begin this partnership as soon as possible. Just click next to move on or home to return to the menu.  We're ready to hit the ground running. 

“Saying Hello Doesn’t Have An ROI. It’s About Building Relationships.”

~Gary Vaynerchuk

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