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   Workflow for this project will be determined by ILWS's immediate needs vs. future needs. Projects will be structured into full days and half days depending on weather and availability of models/athletes. The largest home page video will be comprised of all projects, while separate product videos will be edited and delivered within one week of shooting. Smaller clips and images for social media use will be edited and delivered in the same one week timetable as projects take place. Timetables for more pressing needs can be negotiated (eg. delivering the final videos for your product line arriving on Dec. 5). Shoot days will be organized in collaboration with ILWS and scheduled as desired. Shot list and scripting will be proposed by RCMS and subject to ILWS approval. 

Shoot days

   ILWS will pick desired locations to be scouted by RCMS to determine feasibility. Once the location has been scouted RCMS will need two days notice of desirable weather conditions. ILWS will be responsible for any incurring costs (gas for boats, models/actor fees, customs, etc.) Any hiring of assistance for videographers will be the responsibility of RCMS. 

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